Auckland's Red Light District

It’s in Karangahape Rd in case you were wondering, can you learn that name? Karangahape? No? Well, apparently it’s complicated for New Zealand people too because everyone just calls it “K’ Road”. 

As far as to call it a “red light district” I don’t think so, but of course I’m no expert and I can only compare it to Kings Cross in Sydney and maybe it’s because I went during the daytime but compared to Kings Cross this place seemed just like any other street to me.  
Yes I did spot a strip club and some bars here and there, as well as a couple of adult shops but that was pretty much the extent of it. 

Other than there are restaurants I might like to go sometime like a Philippine café where they sell a plate of sisig for $16 (expensive huh), there is a Chinese supermarket for those willing to take the risk, they got a Lord of the Fries here too in case you love them fries.
And a few second hand shops, Salvation Army and vintage clothes shops. Also there was a pretty eclectic discount store, where they sell this funky onesies?

I also saw a couple of hostels here, maybe staying here one night would give me a good idea of how nightlife is in Auckland! Someday…someday…

I guess if you were to go at night the "red district" part of it would be more obvious but since I was going alone I thought it would be safer to check it out during day. At least this time.


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