Japanese vs. Everyone else

It’s funny, when I told people that I was planning a trip to the Coromandel I got some different reactions. 
When I told my Japanese friends and housemates that I wanted to drive to Coromandel they told me about the things I should be careful about:

“Be careful! The roads in the Coromandel are very curvy and dangerous to drive, especially if it rains!”
“Be careful I hear Kiwi people drive really fast so it’s dangerous!”
“Be careful not to catch a cold, it’s very cold this time of year and it might rain!” 

Those were some of the warnings I heard from my Japanese peers. Not too encouraging and so I became scared of driving….it got me thinking, maybe I should take the bus…..maybe I should go another time?

But then when I told some non-Japanese people I was planning on going to the Coromandel, maybe driving or maybe by bus? 
Then they told me:

“I reckon you should go by car! That way you can go wherever you want!”
“Oh that’s so fun! You are going to love the Coromandel!!”
“Make sure to drive to blah blah”

See the difference?
So I thought maybe because I’m half Japanese and half Honduran that I always think I want to do something but then another part of me is scared to do it. 
For example this time, it was my first time driving in New Zealand so I was a little nervous about it. I thought about all the possible “what ifs” what if the car breaks down in the middle of nowhere? What if I crash the car? What if blah? 
Maybe that was my cautious Japanese half talking.
But then I really wanted to do it! I knew I would love it and have more liberty and more fun than if I just rode the bus. And maybe that was my Honduran half.


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