Night time photography for beginners

See the beautiful photo of the tree glowing in the dark night?

Nice moving clouds, nice moonlight hitting just that one special beautiful tree, pitch dark night. Ah, so poetic, oh so artistic, oh how I froze my butt off!
And let me clarify that I did not take this picture, because even though it is my camera I have absolutely no idea how to use it. So, while taking a night time stroll through Mt. Victoria I saw this beautiful tree, and only this tree illuminated by the moonlight I thought it was beautiful (and ghostly) and I tried to take a picture.
I failed miserably…I mean this was my work of art…

If you squint your eyes I swear its there!

So, I asked a dear friend who can use my own camera better than me to please take a picture of the tree, exactly how we were seeing it.

And let me tell you that taking a night time photo is quite difficult for us beginners and so for over 2 hours we tried a lot of things. 
Sorry did I say we? I meant he…
We spent a lot of time focusing the camera, which means I had to go as close to the tree as I could and light myself up so that my friend could focus the camera. I had to walk back and forth towards the tree in the pitch dark, with only my phone’s light to guide my way, and then I had to stand like this for ages!

focus shot.JPG

Finally, when the camera was focused my friend had to try many different settings to take the picture closest to what the eye saw. Many, many different settings…. like hours and hours of trying. Changing the ISO, changing the aperture, the shutter speed, using flash, not using flash, changing lenses….
By the end of the first hour I had become incredibly bored but mostly freezing cold. This “photoshoot” happened in Wellington, in the cold night with a chilly wind on top of Mount Victoria and without any shelter from the cold…. I couldn’t feel my hands and face it was so cold.
But I had asked for that picture! I wanted that picture! How could I tell someone who was trying so hard to get me that picture to hurry up!? 
But yeah, when over 2 hours passed and we were still there I called it quits and told him it was time to go. But hey, I think that he took some damn good pictures!!!
What do you think? Please leave your opinion in the comments below!! 


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