10 things I hate about traveling

I travel some, I stay in cheap hostels most times but I am not a backpacker, and I cannot be one, it’s too difficult. My style of “traveling” is to find a place I like and stay there as long as I can before the next destination because you know what? traveling is not always all fun and games, no sir! sometimes traveling is a real pain. And this is my random list of the things I hate about traveling

1.    Flight delays
 Oh! the horrible surprise I got when I arrived to the airport early for my flight and realized that it had been delayed from 11pm to 1am…what to do with all that time…

2.    Emergency airport evacuations
I think this is a once in a lifetime experience, hopefully…. well, anyways I was waiting for a flight when suddenly the airport’s fire alarm went off and the whole airport had to be evacuated…and we had to wait outside in the freezing cold for almost one hour before they solved the problem. And we all had to go through control again…the line was endless

3.    Killing time before check-in
Every time I tell myself never to book another early morning arrival flight because then I have to wait until 2pm to check into my room when all I want to do is sleep!

4.    Showers in a hostel
Oh! the annoyance of having to take all my shower goodies with me every single time. And I seem to always forget something….towels, underwear, shampoo…and I always realize too late
Ah! and bonus points when the showers only have cold water, or too low water pressure.

5.    Living without Wi-Fi….
Whenever there is a hostel without free wi-fi…in this day and age…. seriously!?

6.    Not enough electric plugs in the room
A lot, and I mean a lot of hostels have multiple people per room, yet only two electric plugs for everyone….

7.    Cooking without ingredients
Cooking for yourself in a hostel kitchen…without any ingredients because who has space to carry all those ingredients!? Raise your hand if you ever had to “borrow” some salt...

8.    Limited suitcase space
Oh! the pain of seeing a whole bunch of cute outfits and things I desperately want to buy but knowing that I can’t because my suitcase is too full already.

9.    Buying the cheapest
Sometimes I get tired of always having to buy the “cheapest one” of whatever.

10.    Missing my peeps
I hate that I have to miss family reunions, birthdays etc because I am miles away from them and from my puppy!

I complain but no, I still enjoy this working holiday traveling life and I wouldn’t change it for the world. But please tell me what do you hate most about traveling? Or am I the only cry-baby?


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